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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Common mistakes to avoid while writing

What are the common mistakes while writing? How to avoid them?

It is common to make mistakes. We all learn from mistakes. Here we quote Einstein’s famous line “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. 
Writing is an art which always undergoes changes, new things and experiments. Writing has evolved from these many years because of its dynamic change. But there are few mistakes that must be avoided while writing.
These are the repeated errors which must not be neglected which are listed in this article. Here we present those common mistakes and how to avoid them.  

10 Most common mistakes noticed while writing and ways to avoid them

1.Not going according to the voice of an essay: One of the most common mistakes that are noticed are not going according to the voice of the essay. A voice is nothing but the way an essay is presented. It is either written in active voice or passive voice.
The most suitable voice is the active voice for writing an informal essay. To know more, click here. Usually passive voice is used for academic purposes. To avoid such mistake, an essay must maintain the same voice which is chosen throughout.

2.Not editing the work: The second common mistake found is that the work which is produced isnot edited properly. Editing is a salient stage which helps in building an essay in a proper way. An essay must be edited as it might contain some information which might be unnecessary or some information which was not added while drafting.
Editing also helps in correcting the sentence structure, punctuation marks, restructuring the paragraphs.

3.Not creating an outline: An essay cannot be written without an outline. It creates a basic foundation. Creating an outline itself is a half battle won. After a topic is chosen, there must be research on the topic that which must be performed. After this step, the collected materials must be used to create an outline. Thus with the help of an outline, an essay’s quality can be enriched.

4.Missing the hook: A hook to an essay will make it more interesting. Hooks are nothing but eye catching statement’s which will hook the reader’s attention towards the essay.
It is mandatory to add hook statements in the introductory paragraph so that it is beneficial to enhance the quality of an essay. 

5.Adding too much of words from thesaurus:  Expanding vocabulary can be an advantage but adding too much of complex terms in an essay will only hamper its quality.
One if the simple fact of a successful essay is to write the content simple and lucid so that it will attract more readers.

6.Improper sentence structure: With practise, any language can be learned. A common mistake that is noticed is the improper structure of the sentence. Having improper sentence structure can degrade the quality of an essay. Here is a link which has the tips on how to form proper sentence structure.

7.Not citing the sources: It is considered plagiarism if the resources which were used for researching on the topic are not cited properly. To avoid this mistake, reputed sources must be referred. These sources must be cited appropriately.  

8.Not researching the reputed resources:  There are plethora of resources for finding information. But finding the reputed one is necessary. Reputed sources such as journal, cited articles, trustworthy online sources and books must be used to research for a topic. Researching using these resources will help in avoiding common mistakes while writing an essay.

9.Improper use of grammar: Grammatical skills should be practised and adapted to. Having grammar skills will enhance the quality of an essay.

10.Stuffing words: An essay must definitely contain content. But stuffing too much of content in it will degrade its value.

These are few of the common mistakes that must be avoided while writing

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