Friday, 20 January 2017

12 tips that will make your essays better

Writing an essay is an art, which isn’t easy to come by for everybody. It will be walking a tightrope for people who haven’t ever started writing, but with time, constant practice, using right words and proper structure, it can be gradually mastered.
For any person, it will be troublesome to start with something at first. For writing an essay also, it can be hard on how to start, from where to start and how to keep going towards it until the end. Read on till the end of this article to find out the best essay writing tips to make the best out of an essay you write. Creativity is an important aspect of essay writing, the more good vocabulary, the better it is.

Usually, essay writing is given the utmost importance in universities and assigned separate credit system for it.Thus making it paramount to learn the skills involved to write the best essay.

Why essay writing is so important?

Essay writing has been given importance like no other. Here are the reasons as to why it is so important:   

      1.It becomes a platform to show individual personality through words.
      2. Essays are the resources for the wealth of information.   
      3. It improves the logical and analytical thinking of a student.
      4. It improves the writing skills.
      5. Improves academic scores for the efficient writing.

The structure of an essay:

There follows a procedure to write an essay. Below you’ll find a basic structure of writing an essay which is the syntax for all the essays. The basic structure of an essay is:


Tips for writing an effective essay:

1.Brainstorming for the idea: Picking up an idea to write an essay is the most important thing. You can get several ideas and topics to write on the search engines or any books.

2.Researching on the topic: The essential part of any essay or a write up is clean, well-researched content which contains few of the facts too.

3.Hook sentences must be eye-catching: Any essay which is well written will always have a sentence or two in the beginning which attracts the readers and the factor that decides the readability. People tend to miss out the reading if they don’t find the start of the essay interesting.

4.Each essay must include words which are necessary: Every essay demands certain words which boost the writing and brings depth to it. Be sure to include them.

5.The key is to practice: As they say, Rome was not built in a day. It takes some time to improve one’s writing. The more you read books and improve vocabulary, the better the writing evolves.

6.Limiting to the word count: It is a bad practice of essay writing where words are stuffed into giving more information. Efforts should be made to give accurate information within specified length.

7.Organizing the ideas into a proper structure:  Essay writing is an art and organizing it in systematic order is a must. The structure of an essay holds the length and breadth of the information that is to be written.

8.It is important to use referencing in an essay, as it is an offense to copy: Bibliography, citations or references must be mentioned in the essay as plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

9.Quoting facts enhances originality:   People connect with an essay when it contains all the necessary facts and quotes. This brings out originality and hence adds depth to the essay.

10.Formatting an essay is important: Care should be taken to avoid spelling mistakes and add formatting specifications like decent font size, double space between each word wherever necessary.

11.The conclusion must be strong enough to end the essay properly:  All the sections of the essay are important, but concluding an essay is very much important which describes the whole essay briefly.

12.Revising and editing the essay for any incorrect sentence structure or any misinformation: When all things are done, the final check is to revise the already written content. Sometimes, information which is missed can be added, or any extra information not required can be discarded.