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Friday, 5 May 2017

How to write a document based question (DBQ) essay

How to write a DBQ essay?

What is a DBQ essay?

DBQ essay stands for Document based question. It is an essay question type which provides the reader with the document to serve as information for your writing.

Based on the document provide, strong pieces of pieces of evidence are to be determined based on the question that is asked. Primary sources or documents will be provided which must be utilized to write an essay. It is based on different question like AP US history, AP European history, AP world history

Importance of A DBQ essay

1.DBQ essays will have series of questions that has to be analyzed and answered to with specific details.

2.Analyze each document and infer some information from those. This will lead to answering better answers to the question or a prompt.

3.It improves the comprehensive and analytical skills

Important elements of a DBQ essay

1.Thesis statement:

2.Historical context:


Ways to write a DBQ essay in a simple manner:

1.Read the question carefully: To answer a DBQ question, it must be read thoroughly by reading multiple documents.

2.Bring out the information: In addition to the information from the documents, it is necessary for the students to come up with additional information from external sources. All these sources must be collected, recorded which must be later on used for writing the answers.

3.Analyze the task given: The next step is to analyze the task or the question which is given.  Each document that is supplied must be analyzed in-depth. As each author has different opinions and may have similarities and dissimilarities, they must be observed critically.

4.Read the documents carefully: While each document is being read, it is important to analyze, evaluate, compare, contrast, describe, discuss, explain it. The analysis must be sourced from different documents so that each document can be evaluated in-depth.

4.Write an introduction section: Once the information is created, it must be structured in a format.

5.Write the body paragraphs: One of the most important parts of the essay is the body section. This section has to have the explanation and the facts that need to be stated.

There must be three or more paragraphs that must be included in the body section. There must be inclusion of topic sentence for every paragraph.

6.Write the conclusion: The last part of the essay must be the conclusion section. This section is very important as it gives a conclusion or concludes an essay. It is very important to note that no new information must be presented. The overall content which is written must be given justice to.

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