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Friday, 21 April 2017

How to write a literature essay

How to write an amazing literature essay?

Literature essay is the part of the English language which is a composition that covers on the topic of English literature. It basically is a mirror to the literary world. Many compositions which are written are analysed and given a perception through a literature essay.

Like writing any other essay, literature essay also follows certain procedures. These procedures make it easier to write. The first part to be dealt with literature essay is to break down the topic or the subject being written.

It must be analysed thoroughly before it is brought out as an essay. Here follows the break points in writing a literature essay. Read along and write an essay on literature today.

Elements of a literature essay

1.Thesis statement: The most important element for writing a literature essay is to include a thesis statement. It brings up an overall opinion about your essay and discusses the main idea that can be developed further. This statement must be included in the introduction section which can be developed further in other sections.

2.Argument:  Another significant element that needs to be considered while writing a literature essay is an argument. Arguments are sentences which provide support to the already created thesis statement.
These must be written along with evidence and should be included in the body section. There can be two or more arguments in an essay. It is important to remember that arguments must have subordinating points.

3.Hook statement:  To catch reader’s attention towards your essay, you must include hook statement. Hook statements are the statements which hook the reader’s to continue reading.
It is critical element which must be added in the introductory part of the essay. The length of the essay should not be more than 4-5 sentences.

4.Quotation: Famous quotations from famous books must be quoted. This is done to make sure that the work is original and does not offend against the rules of plagiarism. It is mandatory to add quotation marks “ “ in between the text intended to put.

5.Narrative description: Literature essay falls under the category of informal essay. Informal essays tend to have narrative and vivid description of an object; imagination makes it even better. The fifth element of a literature essay is to have narrative description which will make your essay stand out.

6.Topic sentence:  Every paragraph’s first sentence is called a topic sentence. It is encouraged to add them in your essay. Know about it here.

Steps to write a literature essay

1.Read : To start writing a literature essay, the initial step would be read the piece of writing which is to be analysed. The write-up must be broken down into different sections to analyse it in-depth. It is required to read it critically.

2.Analyse and research : After critically reading the write-up, the next step is to analyse and research it. Questions like how is the plot, the character, the theme, the importance of, it what it addresses to must be asked. These questions must be answered which will help in getting ideas on writing it in a better way.

3.Research about the author: It is important to understand the author’s point of view while critically analysing the write-up. Along with your opinion, the author’s perspective should also be considered.

4.Write the introduction: The fourth step towards writing a literature essay is to include the three sections. The first section is the introduction section. An introduction section is the entrance to the essay, it introduces the topic to the audience indicating the idea in a broader sense. Hook statements and thesis statement are to be included in the introduction section.

5.Write the body section: The main section of an essay is the body section. Body section should include more than two paragraphs which are connected with transitional sentences.
Arguments are the huge part of the body section which should have subordinating points to support them. This section must bring justification to the essay being written along with relative proofs.

6.Write the conclusion: Conclusion section is the last stage of an essay writing which sums up the whole essay. It is to be noted that the theme should not be repeated with the words from introduction section or the body section.
Rather, the essence and the meaning of the whole must be put up in this section.

7.Edit the work: Once the essay has been written, it must be edited. Editing an essay is one of the stages of an essay where excess information which is unnecessary is omitted and some information which is required is added in this stage.

8.Proofread it:  The last stage of writing an essay is to proofread it. Proofreading is important to make sure there are no mistakes or silliest errors that can affect its readability.

Tips to consider while writing a literature essay

1.The description must be narrative and vivid in nature so that essay will get a rich background.

2.The essay must be written in the third person.

3.It is suggested to use the literary terms to have more impact.

4.It is advised to paraphrase the text from the original one.

5.There must be transitions between each paragraph that is written.

Example topic of a literature essay

Some of the examples of literature essay are

1.Shakespeare essay: Romeo and Juliet

2.Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn

3.John Knowles: A separate peace 

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