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Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to avoid fraudulent essay writing services

Are all essay writing services trustworthy?

To avoid missing the deadline, students turn to essay writing services which will help them in completing their assignments. Assignments are bought online for various reasons, some of them are below:

1.Fear of late submission
2.Complex topic to complete the given task
3.Lack of writing skills

Between these difficulties, students tend to believe everything that is on the Internet. It is moreover very difficult to make out fake from the original. Essay writing services also should not be trusted instantly. There are fraudulent websites available which cheat students for their business to earn a profit.

What are fraudulent essay writing services?

Similar to any custom writing services, fraudulent essay writing services are the websites which claim to offer high-quality essays within specified time and a low cost. It becomes difficult if such websites are trusted. How to overcome such mishap? What are the ways to find if an essay writing service is fraudulent or not? How to save yourself from that?

How to avoid fraudulent essay writing services

To avoid being cheated from a fraudulent website, here are few of the points that need to be considered while buying an essay online:

1.Check for the review about their services:
Fraudulent websites will have bad reviews about them. Students who were left halfway while an essay was ordered online will definitely warn other students through such reviews. Before ordering an essay, the company’s history, its service must be carefully investigated.

2.Checking if they adhere to confidentiality policy:
Trusted essay writing services adhere to the confidentiality policy. According to this policy, a student’s personal details such as name, university name, credit card or debit card number are concealed by them. This way it builds trust among its clients.
Fraudulent websites do not make any promises about this policy. 

3.Have a check on whether they follow copyright policy:

Fraudulent essay writing service in order to make money, sell the same copy of the content to more than one client leading to plagiarism.
There must be a stringent check on such websites which do not follow copyright policy. Such websites must be avoided. 

4.Have a look at the quality of writing:
This is one of the easiest tricks that can be followed. A website’s layout, its appearance, and quality of the content put up will help in knowing if they are fraudulent or not.
If the quality of writing that they have to display is not up to the mark, then there are chances that they do not have qualified, well-experienced writers who can write well.

5.If the company hosts domain for free, it must be avoided:

It requires money to host a domain. Fraudulent websites hosts websites for free. This can be a sign that is given by themselves to avoid it. 

6.Read their websites’ terms and conditions:
A website will have a page dedicated to explaining its terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will help in knowing about the company, the service it provides and its credibility towards the service it provides.

7.Avoiding essay writing services which are not registered:
Registered companies are always the websites that must be trusted as opposed to the websites that are not registered.

8.Direct contact with writers:
Direct contact with writers allows a student to monitor the progress of the work that is ordered. If a fraudulent service does not allow contacting a writer, such companies must be missed.

Signs of fraudulent essay writing services

Here is a listt of scam alarm which will help in detecting fraud websites:

1.Companies that have too high or too low prices on their services:
It is the sign of a fraudulent website which rates their service either too high or too low. The reason for a high price can be to encash money, the reason for rating low is to attract customers to buy their service. 

2.Companies that do not have sample writings:
Sample writings exhibit credibility of an essay writing service. The companies that do not have these sample writings may not have enough experience in writing or are fraudulent which is sure to be given a miss.

3.Companies that have a third party customer service assigned:
An authentic essay writing service will have a dedicated phone service or live chat support system which will resolve customer’s issue. Such essay writing services must be trusted as opposed to the ones which assign this task to a third party source. 

4.Companies that have limited information on the policies they adhere to:
An essay writing website must be transparent enough to display the policies that they adhere. It could be copyright policy, revision policy or money back policy. This shows that they believe in providing good service

5.Companies which ask for too much of personal information:
Those essay writing services which are fraud which tends to focus more on acquiring personal details such as bank account numbers, credit card, and debit card numbers than on providing service. 

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