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Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to practise writing an essay

The art of practicing an essay and how to master it

Essays writing skills are not too hard to practice but it takes longer time to practice in writing a perfect essay. Each topic and a  subject demand to be written in a specific format. 

There are kinds of essays such as informal, formal to which different writing styles must be adopted.

There seems to be complexity when a student is new to writing an essay, there will be several confusions and questions with regards to writing a perfect essay. 

How to write an essay? What are the required elements to start writing? What are the different ways through which essays can be written? 

To all these questions that a student has, the only answer is to practice. Hard work never goes in vain, so as to practice. Here we have presented few of the tips which will be helpful in knowing the ways through an essay can be practiced. Patience and practice are the keys to success.

How to practice writing an essay?

 1.Preparing for what is to be written:
Before writing an essay, it is necessary to prepare for writing it. An in-depth research has to be made so that right information is presented to the readers. Several sources must be used to collects facts, information according to the topic chosen.

2.Organizing thoughts:
Once a topic is chosen, it must be researched. These researched points must be then organized in a proper format to have a lucid reading. Organizing an essay can easily be learned; follow here to know about it. 

3.Using vocabulary that readers can relate to:
The main aim of writing an essay is to inform readers in a presentable and a simple manner. It is a misconception followed that using high-end vocabulary will add glory to an essay.

But contrary to this, it only increases ambiguity. Hence to increase readability, reader-friendly vocabulary must be utilized.  

4.Learning others’ writing style:
We grow when we learn and we learn when we grow. Writing is an art which is time-consuming to master it. One way of improving writing skill is to read others’ essays.
These essays will give insight on different writing styles that can be adopted in your writing later on.

5.Reviewing the write-up:
 Another way of practicing to write an essay is to review the written essay; a feedback from others will improve its quality. This can be done in every stage of writing.

6.Breaking an essay into parts and focusing on each of them:
Best essay is the one which is written in a prescribed structure. Following a structure will help in writing a good quality essay.
A structure consists of an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. This is a golden rule to follow while practicing an essay. 

7.Improvising on the negatives:
Taking up an essay already written must be carefully read, the negatives found in them must be taken into consideration. These mistakes can be corrected in a new essay that is to be written.

 8.Answering to the question:
It becomes easy to write an essay if the topic is understood well. A topic is like a question hence to which the content in an essay will be the answer. Hence researching on the topic and writing accordingly becomes necessary.

An argument is a string that attaches the whole essay which is divided into different sections. Arguments with supportive points should be included which will present an essay in a stronger format.

10.Tone of the essay:
How an essay is written matters the most. Hence focusing on tone is of due importance. Such words must be chosen to write which will be strong enough to provoke thoughts in reader's mind.
Once an essay is started it must continue in the same tone else it might lose the track of representing information.

11.Focusing on the use of grammar, punctuation:
It is very important to concentrate on grammar, punctuation and writing style as it builds an essay and takes to a greater level which will have more readability.

12.Balancing the essay:
An essay must have transitions in it so that it is easier to read and becomes well-approached. The transitional sentences must connect each section that can make it lucid to read. 

These are few of the tips that should be learned to master the art of writing an essay. Practice is the key to success. 

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