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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How to write an argumentative essay?

What is an argumentative essay?

Essays are scattered under different categories but have one goal in common; to deliver quality content to readers. One such type of an essay is an argumentative essay which speaks for or against a topic. This kind of essay deduces to one pint which is stood by throughout the content that is written.

To write an argumentative essay, it must be thoroughly investigated before it could be written. These will have a huge impact on grabbing reader’s attention.It becomes critical to collect facts, statistics and evaluate the point being directed.

Research can be done typically by researching literature or previously published material. While writing argumentative essays, extensive research data is collected through surveys, observations, interviews or experiments.

Purpose of writing an argumentative essay

The very purpose of writing an argumentative essay is to take the reader through the essay with arguments that supports a particular opinion.

Another major reason for writing this is to persuade readers to accept the new point of view that is laid through. Understanding the rational purpose of an essay must be understood while being written. 

How to start writing an argumentative essay:

1.Hooking on the hook statement: Every essay contains a hook statement which should be catchy enough to grab reader’s attention. Here in an argumentative essay, it becomes important to write an introduction part which starts with for and against the part. Later this hook statement must be deduced to the point to be argued for; either for the topic or against it.

2.Plan the essay first and execute it later: Readers must be presented with both the sides of a topic, later it must be focused onto a point which will have its supportive arguments and subordinating points together.

Here an essay must be planned first with communicating both sides and executing one of it with its strengths.

3.Distinguishing the essay into subparts: Like any normal essay, an argumentative essay will have an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. Distinguishing an essay into subparts will help in breaking down the complexity and presenting the content in a better way. Here are few of the things to noted down while writing it:
1.Introducing the essay with hook statement
2.Stating the argument
3.Defending the arguments stated
4.Concluding the essay properly

4.Picking up the side of an argument that is to be stood by: Once an essay is started by presenting both sides, next part is to pick up one side of it to stand by in the rest of the content.

5.Evidence must be created to prove its substance: The most convincing and crucial part of an argumentative essay are to present evidence for the point that is to be proven. This gives the writer of an essay a chance to exhibit strength of the content and prove its substance thereby.

6.A catchy title: The substance of an essay is the main part of an argumentative essay. Along with this, a catchy title will uplift the quality of an essay. It is the initial stage of attracting readers to read it completely.

7.Choose quotes: It becomes important to quotes in an argumentative essay. This lets the content more strength in deducing to a strong proof.

8.Cite the sources for better references: Citing allows readers to go back to the point where the source was borrowed from. Resources that are collected while researching for a topic and its content must be referenced for better quality and to discourage plagiarism.

9.Have a supportive claim for the argument: The argument that has been chosen to expand and prove its substance must be claimed with supportive points. More strength the supportive claims are, the better it is to persuade the readers to the point to be proved.

10.Use facts, statistics to support the evidence provided: Using facts, statistics for the evidence provided will help in building a better essay.

11.Proofread the paper once done: Last part of an essay is to proofread it. This leads to have a better quality content. 

While writing an argumentative essay, it is important to stand by the side, either for or against which must be stood by the whole essay.These are the above points that must be taken into the note. 

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