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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Types of expository essay

What is an expository essay?

Expository essay is a type of a formal essay which is used for presenting facts, observations, and instructions. These kinds of writings are found in the instruction manuals, magazines, and newspaper articles.

Expository essays are written with a combination of patterns which will helpful for the readers to understand it well. 

Characteristics of expository essay:

1.Precise information: The information present in this type of essay are written for information purpose. Hence precise, step by step information must be presented to the readers.

2.Inclusion of modes:  While writing an expository essay, it must include narration, description, arguments to support based on a subject or a method chosen.

3.Formal language:  As it is a type of academic writing, an expository essay must be written using formal language.

What are the types of expository essay?

Though the main purpose of writing an expository essay is to inform readers with a piece of information, there are various ways of channeling the information. Hence there are 6 types of expository essays which are broadly categorized as follows.

1.Process essay

2.Comparison essay

3.Cause and effect essay

4.Classification essay

5.Definition essay

6.Problem/Solution essay

1.Process essay:  This is a type of expository essay which tells the reader on how to do something or explains the process of doing something. It is a step by step instruction which will solve reader’s problem or answer to their question.
This kind of essay is also called as How-to essay which helps in providing tutorials to some problem.

Process essay can be written in two forms:
1.Explaining about how to do something in a chronological order.
2.Explaining The working of an object.

Some of the examples of process essay are:
1.How to write an essay?
2.How to plant a tree?
3.How to repair radio?
4.How does Bluetooth work?
5.How does a federal government work?

2.Comparison essay: Comparison essay is a type of expository essay which compares and contrasts two different objects. This type of essay brings out the differences and similarities together and places opinions about it.
Comparison essay has to analyze each point with a relevant thesis statement and supportive arguments. Enough transitional statements must be provided to make it look more realistic and informative. 

There are two types of portraying comparison essay:
1.Point by point- Here each point whether similarity or differences are compared and contrasted one by one.

2.Subject by subject – Here one object’s similarity and its difference are compared and contrasted with next object presumed after this.

Some of the examples of comparison essay are:
1.iPhone v/s Samsung. Which is the best?
2.Acting to singing
3.Online classes to traditional classes
4.Driving a car and a driving a bike
5.Facebook v/s twitter

3.Cause and effect essay:
Cause and effect essay is a type of an essay which describes the causes and effects of a particular thing or a situation. The outcome of an essay will be information presented in a logical manner.
There must be valid points which explain the cause and effect of a particular object with necessary hook statements and transitional statements.

Some of the examples of cause and effect essays are:
1.A lack of education can lead to racism and poverty in a country.
2.Impact of technology on our daily life.
3.Effects of overpopulation
4.Cause and effect of pollution
5.How travelling changes your personality

4. Classification essay:
The main intention of writing a classification essay is to classify, rank an order of list of objects. They are done in stages by structuring the information, categorizing them based on the subject chosen. It is a way of arranging the given in a particular format.
Such topics must be chosen to write which can be classified into a tree structure or branched out into subcategories.

Some of the examples of classification essays are:
1.Types of expository essay
2.Types of personalities
3.Parenting styles
4.Different type of study habits
5.Genres of writing

5.Defintion essay:
The meaning of definition is to define something. Defection essay is a category of expository essay which defines a topic chosen and describes it in detail.
It is a type of essay where a word or a phrase must be elaborated into a lengthy essay which should comprise of all the information regarding that word or phrase.

Some of the examples of classification essays are:

6.Problem/Solution essay:
As the name suggests, problem/solution essay is a type of essay which focuses on a problem and brings about solution to the mentioned problem. It brings about different angles to the situation and provides solution to it.
It must contain thesis statements, an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion with necessary hook statements.

Some of the examples of classification essays are:
1.Problem: Racism
2.Problem of higher studies and how to solve it
3.How to prevent human trafficking?
4.How to encourage students to gain more knowledge?
5.How to have a corruption-free government?

These are the types of expository essay which was explained in the article above. 

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