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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to develop an argument an essay

What is an argument and why is it required?

Academic writing has set of essay categories which are required to prove its credibility. Such essays use arguments and other proving materials to support the content being produced.

Argument being one of the important elements of an essay must be produced in a presentable manner.

What is an argument?
Argument statement(s) are set of statements in an essay which provide evidence to the already created thesis statement. They are set of statements which are backed by convincing conclusions and claims of the created backdrop.

Also called as a claim, an argument must make a main point or claim which should suffice with proper explanation to it.

Why are arguments required?
1.Arguments help in understanding what you have learned.

2.Critical thinking is required in order to interpret the information which can be brought out by writing arguments.

3.They provide support to an essay making it more effective and informative. 

How to develop an argument for an essay?

Here are few of the points mentioned which will help in developing an argument for your essay.

1.Write a thesis statement: A thesis statement must be created and properly placed in the introductory part which should continue as an argument. Thesis statement makes a specific point or a claim to the readers while argument backs the thesis statement with enough pieces of evidence.

2.Use evidences: Evidence from proper sources(example academic books) must be used. These pieces of evidence in an argument must bring clarity to the thesis which was presented earlier.

3.Stand by the point/opinion: The main aim of an argument is to provide credibility to the overall content. Hence argument must also be created in such a way that it must stand by the point or opinion expressed throughout

4.Balancing the content: There might be several points with regards to a topic which cannot be included in a single argument. Thus there must be counter argument created which will have its own counter pieces of evidence.
Thus there must be balancing between each argument that is stated in an essay and should not be one-sided.

5.Support for an argument: The claim or an argument which is mentioned in the body part of an essay must be backed by facts, causes, and support for the cause.

6.Words to be used while writing an argument: There are certain words which must be included while an argument is being developed. Words such as since, therefore, given, to assume, hence, so that follows, thus, because are some of the examples which can be used while writing them.

7.It should include: A strong argument must be supportive, well-balanced, and logical while providing information

8.Proper references: Proper references must be cited in order to avoid plagiarism while an argument is being constructed.

Things to be kept in mind while presenting arguments in an essay:

1.The audience: An essay must be written in order to reach the audience in a better manner. Thus keeping the audience in mind, arguments must be presented.

2.The purpose of writing an essay: Purpose of writing an essay must be clear in mind even before writing is formulated. This will enhance the readability.

3.Logic and practicality while presenting: Proper logic must flow within an essay. Hence appropriate argument must be created in accordance with the topic that is being written.

4.Convincing skills to place your opinion in reader’s mind: An opinion must be formed which is the main intention of writing an argument. Arguments must be written in such a manner that it convinces the reader’s to follow what has been written and ascertain to it.

5.Based on the topic: One argument cannot be the same as the other one. They change according to the topic that is chosen. Choosing a topic and an appropriate argument is very important.

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