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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to use mind mapping technique while writing an essay

What is mind mapping? How to use it in an essay?

What is mind mapping?
Mind mapping is the visualization of ideas which can be put on board. Diagrams are drawn in order to get ideas for writing an essay.

It is one of the effective ways for
brainstorming ideas for an essay and has been proven solution for writing the best essay. Assembling ideas for an essay becomes easy as diagrams will have hierarchical relationship with each other thus giving more ideas.

Mind mapping consists of one central idea which has subordinating ideas which are mapped to form ideas for writing an essay. Hence is called as mind mapping technique.

Advantages of mind mapping:
1.Mind mapping allows to branch out different ideas for writing on a topic.
2.A concept or an idea can be established using mind mapping.
3.It becomes easier to communicate ideas through visual representation.
4.Organizing of ideas becomes easier when a main idea is branched as sub-ideas.
5.Will improve the brain’s thinking capacity. 

8 Resourceful techniques for mind mapping

1.Keep the resources ready for mind mapping:  To mind map, it is essential to have the resources ready. Some of the resources that are required are a blank sheet, pen (it is better to have coloured pens), brain to mind map.

2.Brainstorm for one word: The next step to use mind mapping technique is to brainstorm for an image or a word that can be further used.  One word can be linked to as many as possible.
For example, here we have used writing as a main keyword to branch out different ideas using the same keyword.

3.Using journalistic technique: When the mind is questioned constantly, it reacts to the questions and different ideas can be formed. Here too, while mind mapping, these questions can be useful to create topic or ideas for an essay.
Journalistic questions such as why, where, how, when, what can be used to induce ideas for an essay. The main keyword can have as many links as possible because of this step.

4.Link many words related to that word: Once the mind starts working towards the main keyword, it can be linked to many other keywords.

The basic idea is to branch out the main keyword into sub-parts. For example, writing is the main keyword, this can have sub-parts such as types of writing, forms of essay, grammar to be used while writing etc.

5.Build hierarchical relationship: While forming sub-parts of the main keyword, they must be branched and built in hierarchical manner.
Building relationship between these words or keywords will help in getting more ideas for finding an essay topic.

6.Forming a tree structure:  The other way of using mind mapping technique is to use images and diagrams. These visual representation can present better ideas when compared to just writing down the keywords and its sub-parts.
A tree like structure must be formed when an idea is to be brought out for writing an essay.

7.Arrange the keyword and work on each: Each keyword which is formed must be analyzed critically. This will help in getting good essay topics.
Each keyword plays an important role in the mind mapping technique hence must be given special attention to.

8.Review on them and get a feedback : The last to find out ideas for an essay is to get a feedback on the diagram that is created. More ideas to the keywords will give better results. 

These are some of the tips that can be used while mind mapping ideas for an essay 

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