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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Internships for college students. How will it benefit them?

How an internship can help college students in taking their career upward? 

Internships are the structured work profile for the upcoming working professionals and students who want to start their career path in the selected domain.

It is a job opportunity for the college going students who can continue with the related interest they want to pursue. It does not earn them a credit in the college but can get more out of it while interning. Internships have led to a personal growth of the young professionals and exposure to a wider job opportunity.

There is an increase in the demand for interns in the past few years. It is a profit for both employers and the students. Why is internship given more importance? How is it beneficial for a student to intern in an organization during the summer holidays?  Here are the benefits presented to know why internship should be on your list too!

12 advantages of internships for college students

1.Your skills are put to the test: The organization in which you work will put your skills to the test. This is one of the opportunities to grow and prove your skills and make a benchmark. The performance can make difference for your academics too!

2.It bridges the gap: The theories that you have learned in the classes will be used practically in an internship. Practical use of what you have learned is more valuable as you will gain more knowledge.

3.Firsthand experience: You get the opportunity in gaining the industry experience and you will also learn the work culture of an organization in the corporate world. 

4.Mentoring from a professional: The work assigned to an intern is mentored by a professional working in the industry for several years. This gives an intern a chance to get the things right and learn something new each day. The mentorship will give exposure to career growth and advancement in industrial knowledge.

5.Networking, networking, and networking:  Internship leads to connecting with more people and gathering more of knowledge and expertise; with learning something each and every day.

6.Potential growth: Internship duration varies from 15 days to 6 months or more. Proving the worth in that duration can get the intern to convert his/her internship into a full-time job. There is potential growth anyhow.

7.A valuable thing to add onto resume:  It is worthwhile adding the experience of interning in a particular organization. This gives the resume a clarity and professional touch even before landing up a job.

Internships add more weight to the CV as the individual will have hands-on experience working in an industry(even though for a short while)

8.The joy of gaining valuable experience:  Internships are always a choice to grab because they give the student to choose the choice of their career. It lets them know their interest thus helping up in setting a career.

9.Builds confidence: It eventually builds the confidence to work and explore more of the work culture. Hence internships give a chance to students to gain more all the way.

10.Earning money while studying: Earning money is one of the purposes of life (not the sole purpose) and students can earn while they are still studying. Internships provide stipends to the students for the effort they put in while they are on job.

11.Experiencing team work in real terms:  Students grow learning between peer and colleagues leading to understand the value of teamwork and how important it is in life.

12.Aware of the current trend in the career for development: Working in the industry will let the interns know the current trends and what to expect in the coming of their career. 

These are the advantages of doing an internship which will help in shaping up the career of college students. 

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