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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Choosing the right college. How do I choose?

How to get into the best college? A step by step guide

Going from school to college; It is a big leap and a sense of an adventure. You have got the grade that you expected when you wrote the exam.

Now, what next? What are the factors to be considered while choosing a college?

The subjects that you and your friends choose might differ but how to select the one from the range of colleges providing the majors that you both wish to pursue.

It is a crucial decision to choose a college to go to. Here are some of the factors which are essential while choosing a college.

12 Factors that need to be considered while choosing a college

Factor #1: Accreditation:
This remains the most important and the most critical factor among all. Unless the college or universities are not accredited, you might fall prey to fake universities ad wasting your time, money and energy on them. Better it is to check thoroughly about the university or the college and to which university it is accredited. The Accreditation matters for academic transfers(if any) and job prospects.

Factor #2: Location:
This factor is regardless to say very important as well. Check with the distance to travel from your home to college (if a native citizen) or the locality of the campus. The surroundings must be checked as well.

Factor #3: Cost:
Whether affordable or not affordable, everybody first thinks of the tuition fees and other petty expenses. Every college has their predetermined fees for the particular course, colleges must be chosen (based on the cost) which reaches to the hand and doesn’t end up being a burden for a lifetime.Scholarships are available for the students who cannot afford fees. 

Factor #4: The student-professor ratio:
Students have two ways to go about it, some people feel the herd in a crowd and prefer to have a smaller group of students. Whereas other students believe that seeking an education with a large group of students makes them more confident and can gain the capacity to work within the large group.
The choice must be made on this factor before choosing a college. The student to professor ratio is indeed a key factor.

Factor #5: Enquiring with the peers about the course and the college:
The engaging part of college life is the sharing and caring philosophy. Better it is to ask the seniors or somebody you know has joined the college. Because it entirely doesn’t depend on the popularity of the college as a brand name, but it depends on the course and the teaching method.

Factor #6: The weather and the food:
All set for the college but important factor that should not be missed out is the weather and the food. These are crucial in deciding the college. Health is not to be compromised for anything.

Factor #7: The kind of degree and the apt university for it:
Sometimes the college may be number one but the degree that they give may not be better when compared to the lesser qualified college.

Care is to be taken to decide on while choosing the college based on the popularity or the course that you want to pursue irrespective of the college.

Factor #8: The campus and its facilities:
This is a close consideration for choosing a college as the environment is also important. A campus having extraordinary computer labs, extensive library, and gym facilities; these are also considerable factors for choosing a college.

Factor #9: Financial aid:
Some colleges readily pay full ride scholarships to the most deserving students. Such colleges can be chosen over other factors as this will help the student in a large manner. Some of the universities that offer scholarships are Stanford University, Columbia University, Trinity College and other prestigious colleges. Finding a college which gives scholarships or loan aid isn’t hard to find.

Factor #10: Job opportunities:
One of the factors which are very much critical for any student is the anticipation about a job after completing the education.  Students must keep in mind about the job opportunities available in the campus and the college that they are choosing.

Factor #11: Academic quality:
Some of the colleges have the best faculty to teach and such students who have learned in those colleges excel. Hence choosing a college which academically is proven the best should be chosen.

Factor #12: Internship opportunities:
Internships give a path to practical learning. It is basically theory classes put into practise. It also brings a great chance to put the work experience onto the resume. They are the opportunities of learning which should never be missed. Students must choose colleges which gives equal opportunity to intern in the summer season.

The above mentioned factors are to be considered while choosing a college.  

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